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Mention Biologie moléculaire et cellulaire

International Curie/SU Developmental Biology course “From stem cells to morphogenesis” (12 ECTS)


This international workshop aims to address the different aspects of embryonic development in relation with stem cells, particularly focusing on the diversity of possible approaches brought by these two research domains. The course duration is 5 weeks, with 3 weeks of practical workshop organized by the Sorbonne University and 2 weeks of seminars organized by the Institut curie. The practical workshop allows the participants to become familiar to the main embryonic models (Caenorabditis Elegans, zebrafish, xenopus, chick, drosophila, mouse…) and to acquire the more recent technical approaches developed in these models (gain and loss of function approaches, imaging, big data analysis). The seminars bring together the best international specialists in the field. The objective is to expose the students to the recent concepts developed in Developmental biology by highlighting their important contribution to the stem cell field and clinical sciences. Various domains of the Developmental biology field are addressed in relation to stem cells, not only across the variety of embryonic models but also across the diversity of approaches (large-scale and translational approaches, mathematical modelling, biophysical approaches….).

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Claire Fournier-Thibault (claire.thibault @ sorbonne-universite.fr)


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