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Mention Biologie moléculaire et cellulaire

Option: Stem cell, Development and Evolution

The use of adult and embryonic stem cells in regenerative medicine is a major challenge to model human diseases and to repair damaged tissues. This challenge requires to fully understand the fundamental processes operating in the early embryo and regulating stemness throughout life. Understanding the interactions of developing cells, organisms and populations with their environment in physiological and pathological context is also of primary importance as reflected by the recent emergence of Darwinian or Evolutionary Medicine, that applies the principles of evolutionary biology to health and disease, contributing to a greater understanding of human health topics including aging, immune and infectious diseases, cancer and diet. The option "Evolutionary, Developmental and Stem Cell Biology" is offered in different partner universities.

Lisbon university 

(12 ECTS to choose among the above courses)

Heidelberg University 

(12 ECTS)


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